Monday, March 28, 2011

charity begins at home

Building up my own wee business has taken a back seat in the last month. LIke many others our family was affected by the Earthquake on Feb 22 in Christchurch. I belong to a small online craft group and in the days following we spent time thinking about how to help when none of us had spare cash to donate...

Handmade for Christchurch was born from our skills at making and from most of our group being WAHM's. Our marketing skills, money handling,  time management and any other skill we had were channeled into trying to make some money to donate for two Christchurch charities.

Its taken us a month so far, of advertising via facebook to get donations, then listing them on Trade me, getting payments, organising postage of items, making sure our banking system worked, collating emails etc and as of this morning our small group of WAHM's have raised a total of $11500....

It is amazing how small things grow, how a call for donations of handmade goods brought in donations from across the globe, and how we as a group have pooled all our business skills to make this a success. I think our Mum skills have helped too, its meant we have been able to overlook small disagreements, and to keep ourselves focussed on helping those that are in need.

We choose two charities, the first is Women's Refuge in Christchurch, they were chosen because of the awesome work they do in helping women and children leave situations that are unsafe for them. Our second charity is The Salvation Army, choosen because of their willingness to help anybody.

Our small idea of selling a few things through Trademe has become a huge workload, with over 600 donations all being sold and send to new homes. Its truely amazing how a little idea is helping others and become a way for those without cash spare to be able to help too...

Once this is all done I promise I will focus on Black Bow Designs again.

love D

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