Monday, January 24, 2011

diary of a mumpreneur.. introducing myself

I am so nervous about writing for this series but so excited as well…. Black Bow Designs is my 5th baby… my first four are my gorgeous children Katja (7years), Linnea (5 years), Orion (3 years) and Natalya (1 year)… they take most of my time so thinking of starting my own business seems a bit nutty but I am enjoying the challenge at the moment.

How this all began is because of my need to be "handsfree" when out with one or more of our children. So with Miss 7 we used  a front pack, then we got a commercially made sling for Miss 5 but it hurt my shoulders to use it, I perserved with it for Mr 3 but when I was at the "big latch on" I saw other slings and thought I can make those, so I googled them and made myself and my best friend matching slings to use for our boys . With Miss 1 I wanted a new sling and as my sewing had improved heaps I got onto google again and found a new shoulder system to try. Its by far my favourite sling ever and I love using it.

Once I had made my new one I had people asking me about it and after selling a couple I decided that this could be a good business for me, it uses skills I have and I can do it at home around my children.... so "Black Bow Designs" began....

I found via facebook a lovely Wahm to design my logo and in June last year I started a facebook page. I have got over 450 fans on my page and get orders every few weeks for things that I make.... but so far its been more a hobby than a business. This year I want to make it a proper business so am going to need to look at banking options, marketing, stocking shops or online shops and all the other things that go with this. My husband bought me my own dot com name so I need to learn how that all work.

I am really excited about this journey. This year is about me and improving our lives in the long term, the last 6 years have been about having babies, and supporting my husband to finish his PhD (it was handed in last week), so its neat to have time to think about my goals and what I want to achieve for me. Please join me on this awesome journey.

love D

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